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Natures Farm girl

Natures Farm Girl Classic Fabric & Room Spray

Natures Farm Girl Classic Fabric & Room Spray

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A fruity and delicious flirtation as nectarine, peach, red currant. This is our signature fragrance a must have.

Premium room spray infused with quality, highly concentrated fragrances, and natural essential oils.  Free of phthalate, carcinogens, paraben, reproductive toxins & other potentially harmful chemicals. All ingredients are sourced in the USA. 

How To Use

oom sprays can be used to freshen up a space, eliminate odors, create a relaxing atmosphere, and more. Here are some ways to use room spray:
Spritz the air
Remove the lid and spritz 2–3 pumps of fragrance into the air. For best results, spray linen fabrics from about 30 cm away.
Mist on fabrics
Spray a light mist onto furniture and other fabrics to help the scent linger. For example, you can spritz curtains so the scent is carried through the room with the breeze, or cushions so the scent is released when they're plumped. Before using on fabric, test a small, hidden area to make sure it won't stain.
Spritz pillows and sheets
Spray a fine mist on pillows before bed for a restful sleep, or spray sheets and pillows before making your bed during the day for a more subtle aroma.
Use around doorways


A unique coconut soy blend

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