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Honey Oatmeal Face Mask

Honey Oatmeal Face Mask

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Aloe Vera, along with honey, helps draw moisture to the skin, soothing irritation and epidermal anxiety. Aloe Vera and Honey is one of the best acne treatment foods you can use to clear skin. It can absorb oil and soothe the skin, making it the prefect acne treatment. Perfect for dry and combination skin. 

Star ingredients:

Royal jelly: Is a multi-tasking ingredient with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Its antioxidants help to soothe the skin and to fight free radical damage (which contributes to premature aging).

Lemon Peel: Decrease inflammation and oil that may contribute to the formation of acne. Furthermore, citric acid, a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), can help break down dead skin cells that lead to noninflammatory forms of acne like blackheads.

Chamomile: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can relieve skin irritations such as eczema and rosacea. The natural polyphenols and phytochemicals in chamomile tea can speed up the healing process of scars and minimize wrinkles and breakouts. 


How To Use

Wash your face, then rinse off thoroughly with warm water. Use a towel to pat dry. Apply face mask using your first two fingers or a little make up brush. Avoid the eyes and mouth area. Let set for 10min or until dried, then wash the mask off. Use once or twice a week as needed.


Aqua,aloe barbadensis(aloe)leaf juice,ecco wax, butyrospermam parkii(shea)butter unrefined,
honeyquat,royal jelly,cera alba(yellow beeswax),ormenis multicaulis(chamomile)oil,citrus medica
limonum(lemon)peel oil,
Avena sativa(oat)kernal flour,phenoxyethanol caprylyl sorbic acid

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